Fix Mobile Hotspot

So I wanted to mirror my Phone screen via miracast on my Windows 10 Laptop. After installing the additional Windows Feature, it didn’t work. So let’s start troubleshooting!

After some Google magic, I assumed that Mobile Hotspot needs to work. But of course it didn’t.

I downloaded the newest Wifi driver from the Intel site, uninstalled the current Windows one and installed the new Intel. Well to be honest I changed between 4 different drivers on my system but the uninstall part seems to be important. Don’t forget to reboot. I don’t know if that is still needed but with an SSD who cares?

Now lets check netsh:

netsh wlan show drivers

The last line looks promising!

Unterstützte drahtlose Anzeige: Ja (Grafiktreiber: Ja, Wi-Fi-Treiber: Ja)

It still didn’t work, so I tried this trick from Andre for Directly:

  1. Press Windows key + X
    Click Device Manager
    Expand Network adapters
    Right click then uninstall all virtual adapters
  2. Open Start then type: regedit
    Right click Regedit then click Run as administrator
    Navigate to the following registry key:
    Delete the following key: HostedNetworkSettings
  3. Restart then try again.

My hotspot worked again! 🙂

After disabling Mobile Hotspot and both phone and notebook on the same network, I could choose my notebook for miracast! I had to activate the PIN setting on the Laptop or id wouldn’t connect.

And now let’s be honest. It worked once, video has low quality. You would only use that for PowerPoint 😉

AppGestures for Firefox

So I replaced my Wacom Bamboo with an Intuos Pen&Touch small.
To be honest they are so similiar, the only thing that changed is the design and the name.
The good news, you can use the newest Intuos Drivers!

First thing that annoyed me: „Paning“ with two fingers in Firefox triggers Left / Right Arrow keys much too fast! So I added more „amount“ to the AppGestures.xml. As I’m doing this, why not change the Zoom-amount from 1 to 5.

<ArrayElement type="map">
	<displayname>Mozilla Firefox</displayname>
	<identifier type="string">firefox</identifier>
	<PanLeft type="map">
		<keystroke type="kestring"><![CDATA[&left;]]></keystroke>
		<amount type="double">300</amount>
		<amountmultiplier type="double">1</amountmultiplier>
	<PanRight type="map">
		<keystroke type="kestring"><![CDATA[&right;]]></keystroke>
		<amount type="double">300</amount>
		<amountmultiplier type="double">1</amountmultiplier>
	<ZoomIn type="map">
		<modifiers type="string">control</modifiers>
		<input type="string">scrollwheelup</input>
		<amount type="double">5</amount>
		<amountmultiplier type="double">10</amountmultiplier>
		<granularity type="double">1</granularity>
	<ZoomOut type="map">
		<modifiers type="string">control</modifiers>
		<input type="string">scrollwheeldown</input>
		<amount type="double">5</amount>
		<amountmultiplier type="double">10</amountmultiplier>
		<granularity type="double">1</granularity>
	<ScrollUp type="map">
		<input type="string">scrollwheelup</input>
		<amount type="double">1</amount>
		<amountmultiplier type="double">2</amountmultiplier>
		<granularity type="double">1</granularity>
	<ScrollDown type="map">
		<input type="string">scrollwheeldown</input>
		<amount type="double">1</amount>
		<amountmultiplier type="double">2</amountmultiplier>
		<granularity type="double">1</granularity>

Wacom Tablet300 „amount“ (x-axis)
Intuos Pen&Touch small2 cm
Intuos Pro M3 cm
This is very roughly measured

Fingerprint VFS451

My old HP ProBook 4320s needed a working Windows 10 driver ( for Hello.

This one works (install it manually): SP58869.exe from HP

Important note: If Windows installs an older driver before you do, the HP setup won’t replace it. So first uninstall the old one from the device manager (with the delete driver option) and install the INF manually

Now it should look like this!

Thanks to this guy!

Synaptics ClickPad

To use a Synaptics ClickPad on Windows 10 on an old laptop (like HP ProBook 4320s), you need to install HP sp87170.exe or some other Synaptics Driver v 19.5… and activate this settings to scroll again:

Undervolt / Repaste Lenovo Yoga 720-13 (81C3)

So I tried to boost my CPU a bit with repasting and undervolting.

Sticky Lenovo stuff
That’s how Leonovo did it.

My results:

VoltagePasteCinebench R15 Loop
(5 times)
UndervoltPhobya NanoGrease Extreme
(not enough)
UndervoltPhobya NanoGrease Extreme
(more than enough)

My configuration for ThrottleStop:

FIVR Settings in ThrottleStop
„Turbo FIVR Control“
Don't know if Speed Shift matters.
„Speed Shift“

I’m not an expert but the only thing the i7-8550U really cares is CPU Core. I had it at -0.095 ish for some weeks and it was quite stable, but it did freeze when I started editing videos. So I gave it a little bit more juice…

Windows 10 Kopierdialog im Hintergrund


Die Windows 10 Fortschrittsanzeige versteckt sich im Hintergrund

Sucht man bei Google haben anscheinend sehr viele das gleiche Problem:

windows 10 copy progress not showing
windows 10 copy dialog missing
windows 10 dialog box hidden
when copying, deleting, or moving files there will be no progress dialog shown


Auf den Webseiten wird viel spekuliert. Die Lösung bei mir war es, diese:
„Ordnerfenster im eigenen Prozess starten“ deaktivieren.

 Quelle: (Wo niemand von MS antwortet :-D)

Windows Suche

Die Windows 7 Suche kann ziemlich viel.

Ich wollte alle Dateien mit dem Muster „VK 4xx x.pdf“ suchen. Leider werden auch die Dateien mit mehr Zeichen dazwischen angezeigt. Also gilt VK 4?? ?.pdf auch für VK 444401 S.pdf.

Mit Hilfe von DOS (!) Wildcards kann man das Problem lösen, dazu muss aber der Tilde-Operator verwendet werden:

System.FileName:~"VK 4?? ?.pdf"

Quelle gibt es leider nicht mehr: Microsoft Using Advanced Query Syntax Programmatically

Aber auch gut: How to Geek oder bei MSDN