Lenovo Yoga Mode Control

The Yoga notebooks are equipped with a tool called Yoga Mode Control (YMC.exe). It’s always running and checks the position of the notebook.

If you rotate the device, it corrects the display, tablet, keyboard and maybe even audio settings. Many times, it had a very high CPU load depending on your system / windows or driver version. It’s sometimes bundled with the „Energy Manager Driver“ but can be downloaded directly.

Watch out! After updating Windows, it sometimes reverts back to another version of YMC. You need to replace it yourself in C:\Windows\System32\

This is my guide for 2020:

  • = broken (doesn’t work at all)
  • = works, but buggy with heavy CPU load
  • = perfectly fine!

And here is the download link to the current version: https://support.lenovo.com/in/en/downloads/DS504952

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