A thermal pad for my laptop

I saw a video from LTT how to improve the performance of a M1 MacBook Air with some thermal pad. The aluminium body helps to dissipate the heat. I thought: “well, my Yoga has an aluminium body!”.

So, I put a piece on the heat pipes (and squished them a little bit between) and a bigger one on top of everything, both 1 mm thick.

Cinebench R23 was before around 3000 pts., now the 30 min test was 3366 pts.

New Intel UHD 620 driver for Lenovo Yoga 720-13

So Lenovo doesn’t release new drivers for my 81C3, so I tried (and failed) to install something directly from Intel. After some adventures with two others, I reverted back to the 2018 driver (OpenCL apps crashed, like the ones from Affinity).

Now I’ve found something newer that runs. You need to download the driver for a ThinkPad, like that one: https://support.lenovo.com/de/en/downloads/ds502320/

It’s not supported to install, but you can extract it. Use the Device Manager to update. Works fine and you can use the Intel Control Center and the new one from the store.

Lenovo Yoga Mode Control

The Yoga notebooks are equipped with a tool called Yoga Mode Control (YMC.exe). It’s always running and checks the position of the notebook.

If you rotate the device, it corrects the display, tablet, keyboard and maybe even audio settings. Many times, it had a very high CPU load depending on your system / windows or driver version. It’s sometimes bundled with the „Energy Manager Driver“ but can be downloaded directly.

Watch out! After updating Windows, it sometimes reverts back to another version of YMC. You need to replace it yourself in C:\Windows\System32\

This is my guide for 2020:

  • = broken (doesn’t work at all)
  • = works, but buggy with heavy CPU load
  • = perfectly fine!

And here is the download link to the current version: https://support.lenovo.com/in/en/downloads/DS504952

Undervolt / Repaste Lenovo Yoga 720-13 (81C3)

So I tried to boost my CPU a bit with repasting and undervolting.

Sticky Lenovo stuff
That’s how Leonovo did it.

My results:

VoltagePasteCinebench R15 Loop
(5 times)
UndervoltPhobya NanoGrease Extreme
(not enough)
UndervoltPhobya NanoGrease Extreme
(more than enough)

My configuration for ThrottleStop:

FIVR Settings in ThrottleStop
„Turbo FIVR Control“
Don't know if Speed Shift matters.
„Speed Shift“

I’m not an expert but the only thing the i7-8550U really cares is CPU Core. I had it at -0.095 ish for some weeks and it was quite stable, but it did freeze when I started editing videos. So I gave it a little bit more juice…