Undervolt / Repaste Lenovo Yoga 720-13 (81C3)

So I tried to boost my CPU a bit with repasting and undervolting.

Sticky Lenovo stuff
That’s how Leonovo did it.

My results:

VoltagePasteCinebench R15 Loop
(5 times)
UndervoltPhobya NanoGrease Extreme
(not enough)
UndervoltPhobya NanoGrease Extreme
(more than enough)

My configuration for ThrottleStop:

FIVR Settings in ThrottleStop
„Turbo FIVR Control“
Don't know if Speed Shift matters.
„Speed Shift“

I’m not an expert but the only thing the i7-8550U really cares is CPU Core. I had it at -0.095 ish for some weeks and it was quite stable, but it did freeze when I started editing videos. So I gave it a little bit more juice…

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  1. note: Voltages and guide good, but if you turn off the defaults on throttlestop you will get low values.

    for example: Cinebench r20 scores Yoga 720 13

    floor: 862
    floor undervolt main screen values as shown: 832
    floor undervolt main screen default but turbo allowed: 1143

    so keep speedstep/bd prochot/c1e set as standard of you will completely neuter your processor. turbo should be enabled.

  2. Hey thanks for the (actually first) comment!
    I used R15 for my tests.
    With my settings and a quick test, I got 1289 points in R20!
    With speedstep/bd prochot/c1e set, I got 1276 (well it was already heated up) so the CPU doesn’t seem to care….

    1. Time to get out the thermal paste and maybe set slightly higher fan curve!

      Thanks for the info.. I use throttlestop on all my laptops – generally to stop bdprochot cutting in which lenovo is terrible for (yoga 3 espec).. but had never used it to underclock.

      Obviously useful info

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